Technical audit of data processing centres

Our technology, science and health experience in Spain

ISG provides technical audit services in order to assess the condition of data processing centres and technical rooms, as well as their efficiency. We pride ourselves on an adaptable approach which is based on our clients’ needs – the phases of this approach include:

  • Prior analysis of the audit object
  • Study of documentation and preparation of the work plan.
  • Analysis of:
    - Internal architecture
    - Internal distributions 
    Equipment obsolescence studies
    Electrical installations, medium and low voltage 
    Thermal and electrical load analysis 
    Power generators 
    Static or dynamic uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 
    Air conditioning facilities. 
    Ventilation and exhaust facilities 
    Fire protection facilities 
    Integrated safety installations 
    Control facilities
  • Preparation and drafting of the final report.
  • Follow-up on agreed solutions.